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WordPress Development – Why use a premium page builder?

WordPress Development is a no-brainer as it powers 30% of the websites. With this in mind, it is important to understand the better and faster ways to develop a website. Because, time is money. I’ve been using the Divi Theme and Builder for about a few months now and regarding it’s much awaited update of 4.0, I can not contain myself not to write something about wordpress development trends.

Mastering WordPress Development is difficult, but getting started at it isn’t

As a wordpress developer, it’s a difficult task to hand code everything. In fact, if we were to handcode everything, there won’t be much need of wordpress as it targets an aspiring generation of developers who rely on themes and plugins to achieve the programming aspect of web development. In this regard, using a premium and/or free theme packages can help a lot.

With a lot of hype in it’s website and the facebook community, Divi 4.0

divi 4.0 wordpress development
Divi 4.0 is just 3 days away as of writing this article

As a developer who wants to keep learning coding while taking help from any assistance from the dev market, divi has been a life saver for me. Two months ago, I bought a lifetime subscription of DIVI for about 160 dollars using a discount coupon. I’ve already used the theme for a popular hotel website in Pokhara. (Hotel Lake Star). For me, this was a game changer as I am learning more and more about CSS and HTML coding even though I’m using a theme builder like DIVI.

The best part of getting the DIVI package goes way beyond just the theme and its page builder. For me, the social sharing and email marketing plugins like monarch and bloom are just as important as the theme itself. Because in the modern age, a website is not just about design and content. Important focus should be put on social sharing as well as lead conversion. And unlike any other themes, divi comes packed with it.

If you are interested to learn more about SEO and Digital Marketing, give some time to read Search Engine Optimization Facts as well as hacks on writing SEO-Friendly blog posts.

Of course raw coding is something to be proud of. However, using a theme like divi as a center to build stunning landing page can be a game changer, specially as many people can’t afford to pay high fees for developers to change the look and feel of their page now and then. Imagine how much of a cost reduction this means in the long run. In fact, after getting my hands on divi, I have decided to create a new product on my website just focused on building landing pages, integrating social media and installing marketing campaings on the website.

using a pop up form on your website divi
with Divi, you can create a beautiful pop up, like the one above. Divi is answer to downloading numerous plugins for various purposes, as it is packed with a lot of them.

As the Divi 4.0 update is on it’s way, I can’t wait to see what’s coming with it and implement them to create next level products for my clients.

What about other Development Tools for WordPress

In this article, Divi is described in length as I’m using it right now on my projects. However there are tons of other options. Among them, Elementor is definitely a challenger to Divi, even though both of them are equally capable of simplifying WordPress for designers with less capacity.

However, Divi has a lifetime subscription plan whereas Elementor has no such plan. You will need to keep paying annually. So, that’s one thing that might keep Divi ahead of Elementor.

Content Writing SEO

12 Hacks: Write SEO Friendly Blog Post using Yoast and WordPress

Write SEO friendly blog post to rip the benefits of google rankings and organic traffic. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Who doesn’t want a well written, structured and optimized content on their website? After all, optimized post do attract most of the organic traffic, which in turns help increase your business. SEO in Nepal is a relatively undiscovered arena by various businesses. In this regard, this article will help you understand the technical aspect of creating a perfect optimized content for your website.

Use a premium theme and extensions to power your website and get conversions.

After studying this article, you will not only be able to understand Yoast SEO, but also learn how to use it optimally. So, let’s get started.

You might be wondering why contents need optimization. Well, it’s because they compete with each other every minute for attention in google’s ranking position. Given that your end product (information or service) are something people would want to consume, it’s important that you structure them in a way that it shows up on their feed.

Understanding Yoast Plugin to write SEO friendly blog post in 2019

If you are unware about Yoast, it’s a free plugin available in wordpress repository. You can download it easily into your website from your admin dashboard panel. Just go to Plugins and “Add New”. From there, you can type Yoast in the search bar and it will come up.

From there on, download is really easy. If this is your first time install, it should be configured for sitemaps and indexing of your website in overall. Take help from a SEO Professional. If you want to do this by yourself, watch Step by Step Yoast SEO setup before you continue back into this article.

I also assume you have done your keyword research and know the subject that you are going to write about.

WordPress is a open source Content Management System. It powers more than 25% of the internet and is popular due to the huge repository of themes, plugins and developers working day and night behind them.

If you are wondering, I used a simple theme and wordpress to build this website. Even though there are some issues of speed and bugs, WordPress eliminates costs on development / production, and makes it easier to optimize contents, operate the website and make them SEO Friendly.

Tips for writing User Friendly Page with Yoast SEO

The first thing that is important to write a blog post, is to find the “Keyword” that you want to target. Essentially, a blog post or web page is structured around this keyword.

Even though it’s possible to target multiple keywords, for now we will be looking at only one keyword as that is what Yoast SEO provides in its free version.

Inserting Keyword in Yoast’s Focus Keyphrase, SEO Title, Slug and Meta Description.

For the sake of it, I will use the keyword targeted in this article itself for your easy reference. So, our keyword is “Write SEO Friendly Blog Post“. Keep this in the back of your head as I explain each and every aspect of web page optimization throughout this article.

So, first things first, we will input the keyword phrase into Yoast’s Keyword input field.

write seo friendly blog

In the picture above, you can clearly see that our keyword appears on the Focus Keyphrase section, slug (permalink) and the meta description. There, our keyword is already listed in three different sections of the webpage.

Now when the google bots come running, it’s easier for them to understand the framework of our content. It might look a bit confusing at first. But believe me – as you get the hang of it, you will love doing this every time you post something.

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Taking Readability along with SEO Friendliness – Balancing your Post

At this point, I assume that you have an idea of what you are going to talk about in your content. Writing a content without a purpose is like throwing stones on the river. It’s better to spend a good amount of time planning about the content’s structure, scope, objective and story. There are both technical and emotional aspect to writing a content. In one hand you want it to align with the algorithm of search engines. On the other hand, you want them to be interesting to read and consume. Both of these are equally important.

The Readability Panel on the left shows exactly what you need to focus on while writing your content. To be specific, write on active voice. On the right, I have underlined our keywords as they appear in the first paragraph. Use the keyword at the very beginning of your first sentence if possible. If that’s not practical, use it within the range of first 100 words. That’s the technical part. Now, let’s look at readability in depth.

Breaking down the Content

Shorter sentences and paragraphs are better than long ones in most of the cases. You will need to write in a simple language unless it’s a super technical article on the various dimensions of Universe or how the theory of relativity relates.

That means, someone who knows how to talk to people is way better than someone who likes to show off difficult vocabulary. That being said, make sure that your sentences make sense and follow grammar rules.

Regardless of how easy you might think it is, writing is one of the toughest and highly skilled job in the market. Writers spend a lot of time and effort to understand the technical flow of a document. Thus, either hone up your writing skills through training and practice, or hire a professional to do the job. Moving on.

Optimizing the Social and Advanced Tabs

Even though this can be done before writing the actual content, I’ve put this step after the content part. Anyway, you need to understand that your posts should not only be optimized for website visibility, but also for social visibility. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a different way of displaying pictures and contents. Yoast SEO has a special tab dedicated just for this purpose.

On the Social Tab, you have space for a different title, description as well as image for Facebook and Twitter posting. Optimizing this option will make sure that your content show up clean and nice when shared, increasing the likelihood of being read and shared.

Decoding the Advanced Tab for fine-tuning SEO

If you’ve come all this way – Congratulations. You’ve put a lot of effort in enriching your content with both technical and presentable aspect. However, there are still a few things we need to keep in mind before we can actually publish the content.

Here, we will look at Indexability, sitemap condition, additional meta robots rule and finally the Canonical URL settings. These setting will help you fine tune your SEO directions to the search bots while crawling your page. Let’s have a look at them individually.

yoast advance setting to write SEO friendly blog post

Allow Search Engine to show the page

Keep this to “no” if you do not want your webpage to yet show up on google search. You might also want to keep this setting to “no” for pages in your website that you do not want to index.

For e.g: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy Page, Categories and Tags, etc can be set as no-index by demand. Turn the option to “Yes” to show your product pages, blogs and pages that you want your clients to see on google.

Again, if the page contains some links that we do not want google to follow or index (i.e, pages like above or similar pages), we can turn this to off. However, this option isn’t always practical as we want our page to pass link juice to both internal and external pages. Do this with caution in only a few pages of your website when absolutely necessary.

Meta Robots Advanced Settings

The first option by default is “Site-wide Default: None”, which basically doesn’t activate any settings. Keep it that way. Other options are:

“No-image index” to stop your image from getting indexed. In this tutorial, we don’t need this unless the images we used are taken from other website.

“No-archive” if you do not want page to show up as archived (when there is only one page author).

“No-snippet” if you do not want meta description (text or video) to show up on google search. Tweak these setting only if you understand what you are doing. In this tutorial, we do want our content to have snippets, so we will not need this option as well.

Going Back and Forth Tweaking SEO and Readability Issues

Writing any SEO Friendly blog post is not going to be achievable in one effort. The thing is, there are so many things to take care of that you will need to go back and forth to fix them.

I’m listing down some of the SEO and Content issues I ran while preparing this post upto this line below. After that, I’ll show you how I fixed them.

Tweaking the content to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

Focus Keyword not found in Headings.

Focus Keyword not found in Image Alt attribute.

No Internal links in the page. Add some.

So now, I’m going to fix them one by one. You can add keyword and / or their phrase in the Headings (H1, H2, H3 and so on). This means also tweaking the content to make sure that the heading is reflected in the content. So that will be some work.

Now at this point, it depends on how much effort you put to fine tune your content to write seo friendly blog post that rank well.

It will not always be easy to get all the lights going green, but you should focus on doing just that when possible. After all, you will feel a sense of satisfaction as your rich, well written and optimized page full of rich snippet starts gradually rising on google rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization Facts: 11 Things You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important marketing strategy today. In this sense, Search Engine Optimization facts and mysteries also revolve around a lot. And with the presence of black and grey hat SEO’s, it’s even difficult than ever to understand how SEO actually works.

In this sense, this articles tries to explain some amazing and simple SEO facts and how you can use them to grow your business.

But, before we head into that section, let’s quickly see why SEO is important for us.

More than 90% of internet searches are done in google. Is your website optimized for it?

How does Search Engine Optimization work for Google and other portals?

Google search is in our smartphones, our desktop and our home assistant. Say ‘hey google’ and android phones light up with the Assistant ready to respond. They recognize you by voice and can even control your phone, car and house on command. Ask her about weather, or what’s the exchange rate of dollar and pounds –  and you will realize how powerful google has become over time.

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. That’s 3.5 billion per day and 1.2 trillion per year.

Thus, it is important that our websites, apps and other online services stay optimized and updated with the search engine’s development.

Search Engine Optimization is a great Digital Marketing Skill – but it’s not the only one!

Gone are the days when people needed to remember web addresses. Google appeared in our web browsers in 1998,  and has been constantly adapting to what we like. It found its ways deep into our work, life and culture in the form of gmail, playstore, google maps, google home and google search itself.

Learn Optimizing your Content Webpage with WordPress and Yoast Plugin.

Understanding Some Technical Optimization Terms for Search Engines

People easily spend thousands of dollars on building perfect looking websites and apps. But if the contents (pictures, words, videos, and almost everything on your platform) are not relevant to what need, the costs will bring no conversion value.  You need to understand lots of technical terms just to have the basic understanding of search engine mechanics, or take help from professionals.

Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, UX/UI, writing, google console & analytics, keyword research, Ahrefs & SEMrushes,  competitors, the market, CMS platforms like WordPress and hundreds of other things combine to build up Search Engine Optimization skill. In this sense, SEO is definitely a must master skill in the digital world.

Search Engine Optimization is Overrated (or underrated)

If you have read and tried to understand earlier section, you are surprised by this contrasting title. But it’s true. Let me explain.

Here’s an example. A search for “buy a motorcycle” in google ranks Hamro Bazaar on top.

Hamro Bazaar simply dominates the rank with the power of it’s work. It outranks bigger multinational gaints like Honda, Yamaha and daraz.

If you follow Neil Patel and Brian Dean of backlinko, you will have already understood about what I’m trying to say.

Yes, these other companies did their best to rank on the first page with all their budgets. But to be on top, you need authentic traffic, engagements and transactions. The sole purpose of SEO is to bring traffic into your website. You need good content, products, visuals and of course, something people can take away from it all.

Search Engines are too, differently Optimized for Unique users

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai had to recently explain his search algorithm to American Senate, and the governors weren’t the only one listening. He agreed that no two individuals get the exact same results even while hitting the same searches at the same time.

What this means is that searches are filtered on personalized individual metrics. For instance, if google knows that a specific user hates or fears heights (based on his previous searches), his search for an exciting adventure may not show (or show less) helicopter tours and bungee jumping. This simple fact is the fundamentals in which targeted marketing is built upon.

You can Optimize your website for Local and Global Search

Google now puts more focus on Local businesses. So, if you are a local business, you have more power. However, you need to outrun your local competitors in order to do so. That’s where local SEO comes in.

For marketers to work effectively, such knowledge can have paramount value. It’s because it helps you target the right audience, and save cost by cutting down on unnecessary resources. That’s how targeted marketing works. Google has a huge database and it knows what people want. So, if we are providing a service, we have to optimize our website and contents based on this fact.

Backlinks Should be Powered by Content Optimization

First of all, backlinks are important. It’s each knot of a cobweb that together keeps the foundation strong. Let that sink for a while.

Search Engine Optimization
In the center of the web sits the spider, confident in the strength of each intersection that will hold strong. Backlinks work similarly.

The spider’s spot is as strong as the intersections that hold it all together.  Or may be the center spot isn’t as strong as it is seen. May be the 2nd, 3rd or 8th ranking websites have better conversion rates than the first one.

Of course you want backlinks ! But wait, were they earned or bought?

Personally, I do not see a reason why we shouldn’t find various business listings and update our website information there. For instance, here’s a link to submit your business listing. Viesearch – Life powered search. However, that’s not what’s happening with the black hat techniques.

Google penalizes domains with unethical backlinks

Remember those days when you could buy backlinks and rank your pays higher? Well, those days are long gone.

If you have enough backlinks but they aren’t helping in traffic conversion,  or causing a lot of bounce rates, it’s time to analyse where backlinks are coming from. It’s easy to adopt black hat techniques to gain backlinks, but the lack of organic juice and meaning makes them useless, if not harmful.

Unethically built backlinks are punishable by google. In fact, in near future backlinks are not going to mean a thing if your content aren’t relevant.Instead, build your outreach, and links will grow automatically. Let me explain on this on our next search engine optimization facts you need to understand.

Content is the King

Finally on my favorite part now. Content is more, if not as important as backlink. See, you find 10 search results for your keyword. Of course most people open the first link. And yes the website went up to the first rank because of the quality of content in that page.

However, this doesn’t mean that the website than ranks on top necessarily has the best content that the user is searching. Again, this happens because google searches are as biased as our searches.

That’s why its common top competitors outrank each other in the digital marketing arena.

search engine optimization

Yes, you need to put as much priority on contents as you do on your website design, optimization and back-links. Look at each of the ranking website results and you will see how rich, resourceful and informative their contents are.

And don’t forget readable. Hint: Next topic.

Build Contents that You Would Love to Read Someday

Long before the days when Search Engine Optimization AI was still learning, keyword stuffing worked worked like magic.

I remember searching for “holiday in Nepal” a long time ago and landing on a pretty weird page (we’ve all been there). Almost every other sentence started and ended with “holiday in Nepal”. Even weirder part was that it was ranking on top.

Thank god this is not the case now. People go on to their phones and computers for reading newspapers, articles, book reviews and topics that interests their minds. In that sense, any content should have a flow.

Imagine you wanted to find something on google, but ended up landing on the wrong websites that have no answers to your queries. Make sure that your content don’t do that to your website visitors.

Creative Contents Pay Back in the Long Run

Most business spend a lot on website design but soon run out of focus for content. Of course designs are important, and building a compatible website is necessary. But here’s the truth – if you do not keep your contents fresh, your super elegant website will lose the touch of the trend.

It’s not always easy to write the perfect content that people will love. But that’s the sole purpose of content. Your focus is to grab the reader’s attention, and showcase the best of what you can offer.

If they don’t like reading your content, you’re not going to sell. On the other hand, creative content with Rich Snippets will organically boost up your rank on search engines. Make use of videos, infographics, pictures and words so that the whole piece creates one good content that draws more and more traffic.

Summing it All Up

With all the above points, I’ve pulled down some Search Engine Optimization facts that everyone should be aware of. On top of good SEO, targeted and inbound marketing strategies will certain pay off in the long run.

After that, you need to make sure that your products are top notch and likable.

All this blends up a perfect online marketing scenario for you that will attract the right traffic you need to grow.

Thank you taking your time to read this article. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments and share if you found it useful.