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SEO in Nepal

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SEO in Nepal – Digital Marketing Strategies for YOUR Business

Seo in Nepal might seem a relatively new term to you, and if that’s the case – you are already behind your competitors. Many companies are already harnessing the power of Search Engine Optimization to present themselves in the front line of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines.

Harness the power of digital marketing with SEO, Content Marketing Strategy and Inbound Marketing techniques that are affordable, sustainable and easily implemented with your organization structure.

Understand Search Engine Optimization Better

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. People use Google Search rather than remember a website to find services and products. Hence a website needs to be optimized according to the structure guidelines of Google (and other search engines). Further, the contents and products in the website should reflect the language and topic of the structure. SEO generally means taking care of these things.

Black Hat SEO is unethical ways of ranking in google temporarily. This is done by finding loopholes around google’s algorithm and working around them. Always follow ethical business practice and White Hat Techniques to avoid being penalized by google, getting removed from google search, and/or getting banned from the internet. Black Hat is temporary and only returns as long as you can afford paying high sums. If you care about your business reputation in real life, you should care about it online.

Yes and it returns faster with other online marketing strategies. SEO is the first step of optimization so it’s important. There are other factors that influence how your website rank on the searches. You need to have good products people will love, necessary promotion in social media and other platforms, and good networks to share your business ideas. SEO is one of the important skills of Digital Marketing.

If done properly, you can start ranking as soon as your website is structured and submitted to google. After that, you need to focus on building links, filling your website with relevant contents, and focusing on your business development and growth. If you have a unique product, you can rank within weeks. If you are in a competitive market, you will need a lot of resources to rank faster.

SEO in Nepal isn’t a new concept. In fact, bigger and innovative companies, especially in high competitive marketing, have embraced SEO into their online culture a decade ago. Have you ever wondered why some companies always seem to be ahead of the competition in the market? It’s because they are not only quick to introduce new marketing skills, but also quick to grasp the techniques and trends as they keep evolving. Unless you are a unique business that organically gets traffic (on your website or phone or emails), you need to embrace the SEO Culture into your organization.

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