Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of using this website (and services)

Agreement on personal data

Thank you so much for landing on this page. When you use our website, you will be regarded as being known to the terms and conditions stated below.

When you are browsing this website, you allow us to collect your behavioral data through analytics and pixel apps. Collecting such data helps us to improve our service and optimize our website for future development.

When you fill out form for signing up for our services (such as newsletters and contacting us), you allow us to save your information in our database. You also allow us to analyse such data in order to improve our service and product. For managing outbound marketing, your personal information remains in a CRM software which is used to manage, classify and communicate with various clients.

Your data will not be provided to any third party person, company or services without your consent and prior knowledge.

When you provide your personal information to receive newsletters and our services, you understand that the device you use is within secure network and free from data attackers. In such case, we will not be responsible for the consequences due to your actions. Read our privacy policy.

Never submit your account password through this site. We never ask for such information.

Agreement on Services

When you buy a service from us, we will sign a contract that will bind us to the duties and rights of buyers and sellers, upon which we will perform.

Information regarding payment of our services will be provided to you in the business agreement which will require your written consent before we bind into a buyer / seller contract.