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Step by step: Write Optimized Web Contents?

Optimizing web content is super important thing for your business.

This article aims provides info based on wordpress and Yoast SEO plugin. In fact, any advanced word processor could do the job.

Using Software to Write Optimized Content

Yoast is a free/paid plugin available in wordpress repository. You can download it easily into your website from your admin dashboard panel.

Here’s a video from the website itself.

You must have done your keyword research and know the subject that you are going to write about.

Keyword Research helps find out what potential clients are searching

Find the “Keyword” that you want to target. Essentially, a blog post or even whole website can be structured around a group of keywords.

Yoast SEO free plugin only allows one keyword per content. You need to pay for premium service. Rank Math’s free version has this feature.

Inserting Keywords in Various Sections

write seo friendly blog

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Your content should satisfy your potential client’s query

The Readability Panel on the left gives you ideas on how to reform your content.

Breaking down the Content

Shorter sentences and paragraphs are better than long ones in most of the cases.

Optimizing the Social and Advanced Tabs

Next comes social media optimization. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a different way of displaying shared links. Also use right social media for right purpose.

Fine tune your Web Content for SEO

Here, we will look at Indexability, sitemap condition, additional meta robots rule and finally the Canonical URL settings. These setting will help you fine tune your SEO.

yoast advance setting to write SEO friendly blog post

Allow Search Engine to Show appropriate sections of your Web Page

Keep this to “no” if you do not want your web Page to yet show up on google search. For eg while developing.

For e.g: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy Page, Categories and Tags, etc can be set as no-index if required. Go step by step and index your blog posts, product/service pages, news and other active sections that you want to show up on search engines. I had to turn the tags and categories to no-index in an old website because it indexed same pages twice.

Your website should appropriately link externally to other urls.

Link building in SEO is an important factor in ranking.

Authentic links ensure that your website is also authentic.

Meta Robots Advanced Settings

“No-image index” to stop your image from getting indexed.

“No-snippet” if you do not want meta description (text or video) to show up on google search. Not a very good idea.

I’m listing down some of the SEO and Content issues I ran while preparing this post upto this line below. After that, I’ll show you how I fixed them.

Optimizing the content for user query

Focus Keyword not found in Headings. Focus Keyword not found in Image Alt attribute. No Internal links in the page. Add some.

The plugin shows where to fix basic issues

Now at this point, it depends on how much effort you put to fine tune your content to make your content more visible.

If your content is rich, answers the search query, is interesting and optimized, you should be found when searched for.

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