Privacy Policy

Note: This privacy policy is continuously updated according to the changing time. The information available on this page is relevant during the time of reading.

At SEO SANSAR, we value your privacy and never pass your data to anybody.

SEO Sansar is established to provide SEO and Digital Solutions to competitive and high end businesses. In the website, we collect your personal data (name, email, phone number and address) when you enter such information for newsletter services and contacting us.

Usage of your data

When you use our website, such data is then collected on our database so that we can contact you and provide you our service for Digital Marketing. We will only use this data for internal market analysis and planning, such as dividing newsletter groups, classifying clients, sending you newsletters and email, and analysing the lead. Google Analytics has been used to optimize the search and analyse user’s website behavior. If you are concerned about how this works, please visit to understand how google analytics tracks your data.


This website will store cookies on your local computer to make it easier to load the next time, and to remember you and your preferences. We follow general cookie usage that will help you load our website faster when you load it repeatedly.

Protection of your data

Only the admin has the access to all of these collected data. And they are password protected and two factor authenticated.

By using the website, you agree to allow us to collect and use your data.