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WordPress Development – Why use a premium page builder?

WordPress Development is a no-brainer as it powers 30% of the websites. With this in mind, it is important to understand the better and faster ways to develop a website. Because, time is money. I’ve been using the Divi Theme and Builder for about a few months now and regarding it’s much awaited update of 4.0, I can not contain myself not to write something about wordpress development trends.

Mastering WordPress Development is difficult, but getting started at it isn’t

As a wordpress developer, it’s a difficult task to hand code everything. In fact, if we were to handcode everything, there won’t be much need of wordpress as it targets an aspiring generation of developers who rely on themes and plugins to achieve the programming aspect of web development. In this regard, using a premium and/or free theme packages can help a lot.

With a lot of hype in it’s website and the facebook community, Divi 4.0

divi 4.0 wordpress development
Divi 4.0 is just 3 days away as of writing this article

As a developer who wants to keep learning coding while taking help from any assistance from the dev market, divi has been a life saver for me. Two months ago, I bought a lifetime subscription of DIVI for about 160 dollars using a discount coupon. I’ve already used the theme for a popular hotel website in Pokhara. (Hotel Lake Star). For me, this was a game changer as I am learning more and more about CSS and HTML coding even though I’m using a theme builder like DIVI.

The best part of getting the DIVI package goes way beyond just the theme and its page builder. For me, the social sharing and email marketing plugins like monarch and bloom are just as important as the theme itself. Because in the modern age, a website is not just about design and content. Important focus should be put on social sharing as well as lead conversion. And unlike any other themes, divi comes packed with it.

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Of course raw coding is something to be proud of. However, using a theme like divi as a center to build stunning landing page can be a game changer, specially as many people can’t afford to pay high fees for developers to change the look and feel of their page now and then. Imagine how much of a cost reduction this means in the long run. In fact, after getting my hands on divi, I have decided to create a new product on my website just focused on building landing pages, integrating social media and installing marketing campaings on the website.

using a pop up form on your website divi
with Divi, you can create a beautiful pop up, like the one above. Divi is answer to downloading numerous plugins for various purposes, as it is packed with a lot of them.

As the Divi 4.0 update is on it’s way, I can’t wait to see what’s coming with it and implement them to create next level products for my clients.

What about other Development Tools for WordPress

In this article, Divi is described in length as I’m using it right now on my projects. However there are tons of other options. Among them, Elementor is definitely a challenger to Divi, even though both of them are equally capable of simplifying WordPress for designers with less capacity.

However, Divi has a lifetime subscription plan whereas Elementor has no such plan. You will need to keep paying annually. So, that’s one thing that might keep Divi ahead of Elementor.