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Namaste to you !

My name is Deepesh and I built this site after I saw a potential for a digital agency that can mediate between freelancers and business.

Digital marketing and a little about SeoSansar!

And to promote, we need a great design with an authentic call to action. In short, a lot of skills is involved.

SEO Sansar will find talented freelancers who are willing to work for a decent money, project wise. We can’t pay salary, but we can find and give work, that can be easily done from home or anywhere with a good internet connection and a computer.

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Digital Marketing Projects

Creative work like writing could be done anywhere, and sent in a readable medium. Integration of various skills means that you get the best service. You will soon be able to rank the freelancers for their work, and even rehire them. You get the best at a reasonable price, we get operating cost, and freelancers get 60% of the total earnings.

You could outsource:

  • Web-Optimization
  • Graphics and Presentation
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing [CRM and Paid Ads]
  • Correspondence and Communication

FAQ’s coming soon.

Thank you for visiting this page. Go back to homepage or knowledge section. Contact us for pricing or other inquiries.

Best Regards,

Deepesh Dhakal

Founder, SEO Sansar Enterprise

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